Why Should I own my website?
There are a list of good reasons to make your own site, if you are in Business. If you need our support, Email Us to info@whizzee.com or Contact us by filling out this form. Tell us about your business and get our FREE consulting on how you can do business online, or how a website can help your business to grow. We have answers for you.
What is web development?
Web development is website design combined with back-end programming. The typical goal of web development is to produce a website that is database driven. Some of the largest websites in the world rely on databases which allow the site owner to add, change, or delete what is stored in their database without having to open each individual file. The programming embedded in the website then takes care of updating the hundreds, if not thousands, of web pages.

However web development is an evolutionary process for every individual client. Some business may require more basic catalog style website’s whereas; larger businesses may feel that an Intranet or an eCommerce style web design is more appropriate. whizzee web solutions consultants can help you tailor a business solution that meets your business requirements. To learn more, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

What is a web application or web based application?
A web application is a program that runs on the web. Typically interactive, the application accepts input from the web user, processes the input, and displays the results. Web applications usually have a multi-tier architecture and use technologies such as ASP, XML, and database connectivity to perform the data processing. Web development firms should have certain plans and procedures for web based applications. Read more about the web based application services we offer.
What is eCommerce?
eCommerce is a general term for any type of business, or commercial transaction, that involves the transfer of information and funds across the Internet. This covers a range of different types of selling, from consumer-based retail sites through auction and music sites, to business exchanges trading goods or services between corporations.
What is E-Business development?
E-Business is slightly more than eCommerce. Doing business between suppliers and vendors or partners can be done online. The complete business transaction can be done and controlled by an E-Business site.
Isn't web development and web design the same thing?
All websites are created using web design techniques but web development, or Web programming, is only used when a site needs to be interactive, dynamic or perform a function that is outside of the realm of static website design.
Why would I want web development or a database driven site?
If your site has to be updated frequently, even in a small scale – A database driven website will allow those without any design or development experience to make changes, updates, additions or deletions thus saving money on maintenance contracts. If you’re planning on having your website interact with the user in any way other than simply displaying your web page’s information, you’d want a database driven site. Web programming handles everything from a simple feedback form to a complex eCommerce system.
What else do I need besides a professional web developer?
That will depend on the purpose of your site and the type of interactivity it offers. You may need secure hosting, SSL certificate, a merchant account or an online transaction provider. We will discuss your requirements with you and provide the web consultancy necessary to help you determine exactly what is necessary as well as the best method of obtaining it.
What web application programming languages and technologies does the whizzee Web Development team use?
ASP, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, MS SQL, MS Access MySQL, XML, DHTML Etc.,. See the complete set listed in this page.
Are your web developers properly trained?
Our professional web developers have all received training in web development languages and we have an ongoing training program to ensure that our knowledge is kept up to date. They attend regular seminars (Eg., MSDN) conducted by Industry experts. The Designers have, at minimum, a Degree and the Developers are Engineers and Master degree holders in Computer Applications from reputed universities in India. We also give them professional Project management training, team building, knowledge sharing practice and classes on “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, based on the book by Stephan Covey. We call it a SHOHEP practice, which helps us to work together with a good relationship.
We know what we want the end result to be, but we don't know what needs to be done to achieve it. How can whizzee help us?
We can provide the web consultancy necessary to help you determine what the programming and other requirements will be. As a complete custom solution provider, we can also provide the full range of Internet business services, so whatever your web development requirements, we can provide the solution.
I'm preparing a new website. Is cross-browser incompatibility really a problem?
Yes, incompatibilities are almost inevitable. A simple web page is likely to display on all browsers without problems, but the appearance may differ slightly on various browsers. A complex page or a web application may fail on some browsers if it is not properly coded and thoroughly tested. whizzee is aware of the problems and codes websites in a way, which avoids most of them. We use CSS style sheets to ensure a robust, maintainable layout, and we test our sites on multiple browsers to be sure they work properly.
Do you use ready-made website templates?
NO and YES. We know you have a unique business and need a unique website to reflect your business. So, we prefer to give you a solution designed for you alone. However, although we do not recommend ready-made templates, if your budget requires such, we would work with an agreed upon template with you.
What options do I have for maintenance of my site?
whizzee web solutions can offer you a complete Web Maintenance Support Plan. From minor to major changes, a support plan will offer you the convenience and flexibility of updating, modifying or adding to your website with the relative ease of a phone call or an email to MWS. In addition, a support contact can offer you the benefits of Online Marketing and hosting services for improved website performance. Alternatively, should you wish to manage your own website, a custom built web editing software (Popularly known as, Content Management Solution or CMS) will be created for you for an additional cost. We design easy to maintain CSS based websites, by changing the CSS attributes you can do a site wide design change in minutes.
How long does it take to complete my website?
An average site of 5 – 10 pages would normally take 7-14 days. However, this depends on the complexity of the pages and also on the participation level of the customer. It is crucial for the customer to provide whizzee with all requested information on a timely basis. We will involve the customer as much (or as little!) as they desire. Some prefer to be part of the process along every step, while others would rather let us use make decisions based on our past experiences.
Can I edit my own website?
Yes, if you request to have our easy to edit web application installed, this would be an additional cost. You can easily log into a web browser to make changes to your own site. This is a very popular option for businesses that would prefer to save money by making their own site updates.
How do I know the progress of my work? How will I report any errors?
We have our client help desk system with which you can easily view the status, follow up the development and report errors. This is enabled in a secured location, which will help you to keep in touch with the developers without any hassles.
How can I ensure that my website will be within the first few entries in the Google Search Engine?
whizzee web solutions are experts in Online Marketing. We have had 4+ years in ensuring that we make our website’s search engine friendly. The process of ensuring that your website is within the first few entries in the major search engines is a process coined ‘Search Engine Optimization’.
How will our company / I and whizzee communicate? How can you gurantee that we will get our required updates without fail?
We have technical team with team leaders and Project managers, apart from this, we also have the company Managers. You can feel free to contact us all. You can also contact the technical team for Quick updates during the development phase. We try to do one-on-one email replies, and we schedule daily/weekly updates before even starting the project. We can also communicate through Instant messengers such as MSN or Yahoo. We will give you our IDs on request.
Do you do fixed Price Quotations or Time based billing – and which is better for the customer?
Traditional Web Design and Development companies tend to use time-based billing practices. However, time-based billing has a number of significant drawbacks for their clients. For example, what happens if your project takes longer or requires more resources than the developer originally estimated? What happens if you want to add a new feature that was not included in the original design?

The simple answer is that with traditional billing methods, there is no cap on your investment. If the developer has underestimated the resources needed to complete the project or if you need to make changes to the design, then your project costs can increase. This might not be too significant for very small projects, but for larger projects it might cause serious problems.

whizzee web solutions is not your traditional Web Creation Company. We are proud to offer our clients fixed-price quotations for any projects we undertake. After all, you are investing in an outcome, not a block of our time or a list of software features.

This offers you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your investment is capped. If your project needs more resources than we originally estimated, we will provide them at no cost to you.

whizzee web solutions is dedicated to creating a web presence for you that will add value to your business today, and in the future.

My Question is not listed here and no answer satisfies my question. To whom should I ask?
Feel free to Email us to info@whizzee.com. You should get our reply within 24 hrs.