Going Mobile? We design advanced mobile solutions for business, communication, social networking and entertainment.

  • We specialize in mobile clients to web services and web portals
  • We develop autonomous mobile applications
  • We build end-to-end mobility solutions

Our technology competency covers iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. We are proficient in Mobile Web with a specific focus on HTML5 solutions.


Mobile App + Web Service in Back End

Rising Functionality and Data to Mobile Devices

Whizzee helps businesses establish mobile access to functionality and data provided by their back-end software. We deliver native mobile applications seamlessly connected to an online service, corporate business application or informational online resource. Play DOTA 2 & Get Rewarded | Download BUFF & Start Earning

Mobile Apps

Our mobile experience allows completing the objectives in a range of domains working with various data / content types and their combinations:

  • Business data
  • Media content
  • Financial data
  • Geographical positioning data
  • Data obtained from hardware devices


Mobile Web

Mobile Web

What We Do

Here at Whizzee we offer two types of services for those who look for fast and cost-effective presentation on mobile devices.

  • Designing and optimizing websites for mobile browsing
  • Mobile HTML5 applications with native-like user experience


Mobile Web Pros …

The true advantage of mobile web is its natural cross platform compatibility. This reduces costs for development of multiple mobile platforms on mobile front end significantly. Mobile web keeps all the benefits the web technology has comparing to fat client-server architecture.

  • In most cases no mobile download / installation is required
  • Easier to maintain, improve and update ― updates are immediately effective on the user’s side
  • Supported on the absolute majority of smartphone devices
  • In our practice a mobile web solution is often ordered complementary to an iOS native app (targeting two specific devices ― iPhone/iPad) to support a variety of Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry or Symbian smartphones.
  • Mobile web is a perfect solution for online information resources such as news portals where simple navigation and one-way data flow (source to user) prevail.


… and Cons

The major concern associated when talking about choosing mobile web is that you can miss the user experience provided by the device for native apps ― touch and slide navigation experience, feedback mechanics like vibration and sounds, gyroscope physics, etc.

  • To overcome (at least partially) this challenge Whizzee delivers rich HTML5 mobile solutions including location based apps and solutions supporting offline mode.

Share your objectives with us ― and we will invent, design and launch the right solution for your specific situation.


Autonomous Mobile Applications

Defining Autonomous App

By autonomous applications we mean applications that themselves encapsulate the main business logic and functionality. Apps may communicate with a web server to exchange portions of data or with an app store to get updates but the kernel functionality is executed right on the mobile device. Good examples of such apps are offline games, compact business apps, mobile gadgets and utilities, etc.

Defining Autonomous App


Our experience in developing autonomous mobile applications allows overcoming mobile development challenges such as screen resolution, hardware performance limitations and device diversity. We designed feature-rich mobile apps in a variety of domains:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Entertainment
  • Advertising Games
  • Task Management
  • Mobile Utilities

Product Development Outsourcing

Whizzee offers you a transparent approach to product development which is different from custom development in scheduling and delivery management. A mobile product that you will sell or leverage as an additional competitive advantage will take the most of our project management, development and quality assurance processes.


Quick Technology Overview

For more details about our mobile technology skills explore this section.



Technologies: Android SDK; Android Native Development Kit (NDK); Android DT (ADT)

Languages: Java; C/C++; XML

Tools: Eclipse



Tools: Xcode

Technologies: iPhone SDK; Cocoa Touch;

Languages: Objective-C;


Windows Phone

Technologies: .NET Compact Framework

Languages: C++; C#; Visual Basic

Tools: MS Visual Studio



Technologies: Java ME; BlackBerry SDK;

Languages: Java

Tools: BlackBerry Java DE; Eclipse; BlackBerry Theme Studio

Mobile Web

Mobile Web

Technologies: ASP.NET; Java; PHP; Ruby on Rails; AJAX; Flash; Silverlight;

Languages: HTML5 / CSS; JavaScript; C#; PHP; Ruby;

Tools: Adobe Dreamweaver; Microsoft Visual Studio; Eclipse; Idea; RubyMind; Adobe Flash;


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