Multimedia is a broad term used to media and content which can come in a variety forms. Many businesses call themselves multimedia specialists but only offer a small number of skills and services. Multimedia includes not only core areas such as web design & online advertising but also niche areas such as touch-screen kiosks and slide show presentations.

Multimedia Design

The benefits of Multimedia publications are extensive & provide a platform for enhanced levels of interactivity & enable you to deliver mind blowing content to your audience. As the online community continues to develop, the term multimedia will continue to expand. Working with a company that not only understands, but reacts to new products and services will give your company a distinct advantage. Keeping you ahead of your competition, keeping your customers engaged and providing a structure for future growth.

Multimedia can be utilized for pretty much everything. A well conceived multimedia publication will truly highlight your project & elevate it well above ordinary, no matter what its focus. Dazzle your audience & give your project the best possible delivery.


Our Multimedia services include:

Business Card to Full-sized CDs

Everyone has a business card; it is an integral part of marketing a company. But you need your marketing tools to do more for you than present a tagline and contact info. Whizzee creates business card-sized CD-ROMs that present the right information on the cover and disk but, when placed in a regular CD-ROM drive, introduce your customer, partner, client, etc., to your company and everything your company can do for them. Whizzee can include digital video, 3D animations, digital photography, sound, and hyperlinks to your corporate website.

Video Presentations

CD Video Presentations and DVD Video Presentations

Capture your audience’s attention with CD-ROM and DVD video presentations by Whizzee. CD/DVD videos offer an engaging experience that makes it easier for your audience to absorb information. Customers who watch well-done video presentations, such as those created by Whizzee, respond to visual and auditory cues that create stronger associations between their needs and your company’s products or services.

Duplication and Replication Services for CD-ROMs & DVDs

Whether you need large-volume replication of new CD-ROMs or small-scale duplication for an existing DVD, Whizzee provides the replication and duplication services that are fast as well as cost-effective. Also implemented for all DVD and CD-ROM duplication and replication jobs is a system of multiple proofing that ensures accurate sector readability. Whizzee also provides graphic design packaging services for CD/DVD covers.

Corporate Presentations

Corporate Presentations

Corporate presentations do not just reflect you and your company: they appeal to an audience’s attention, time, or money. Whether you need to appeal to investors, sponsors, customers, or your employers, Whizzee provides a full range of tools for creating impressive, professional corporate presentations with anything from 3D animation and virtual reality to digital photography and state-of-the-art programming.

Print to CD Catalogs

Buyers today want as much information as possible prior to purchase, whether they are using print catalogs or online stores. Interactive CD catalogs provide an enormous amount of space for product images and information at a fraction of the cost of printed catalogs. Whizzee takes advantage of this extra space by providing digital photography and video to show products in a variety of ways and copy-writing services that espouse the many benefits of your products.

Instructional Manuals

Today’s consumers demand better customer service: one of the simplest ways to meet this demand is to enclose interactive instructional manuals on DVD or CD-ROM. Whizzee designs these manuals to outline assembly, operation, safety, warranty, and more through animation, video, text, narration, and digital pictures by Whizzee.

Training Tools

Effective learning requires more than written text or black and white diagrams. Increase the productiveness and cost-efficiency of training sessions with take-home CD-ROM or DVD training tools by Whizzee. Whizzee assesses what you want to accomplish during training and then develops the tools that walk new employees or students through a procedure, operation, lecture, etc.

Product Launch

The advertising campaign used for launch can make or break the long-term success of a new product. Start your new products off on the right foot by presenting them through interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs created by Whizzee. DVDs and CD-ROMs can show your customers how to assemble, operate, and benefit from a product, which results in more sales and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Website Promotion

Websites have the potential to help future customers, partners, investors, etc. learn more about your company as well as your products and services. Help them find their way by sending an interactive CD-ROM containing hyperlinks that lead them to your website. Whizzee develops CD-ROMs that have a personalized feel due to the integration of digital videos or photography and that establish a firmer connection with the viewer through visual imagery and dynamic sound which is more powerful than a printed letter could ever be.

Powerpoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentations

Impress audiences with sophisticated CD-ROM PowerPoint Presentations that feature animation, images, video, music, and other technologically-advanced add-ons provided by Whizzee. Not only will you and your company appear more professional, your messages will be clearer and more memorable.

Whizzee provides the exceptional DVD and CD-ROM design and development services necessary for building an effective marketing campaign.

At Whizzee, our slogan is “we’ll give you more…” This is not just something we say, but something we believe is at the core of our business. We offer a large variety of skills with a talented team of professionals and specialists to bring your online presence life. Contact us today to find out more.

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Why Whizzee?

You can get various options for multimedia solutions, but we are a company that is counted for technological brilliance. Few advantages you can avail with us are:

  • Affordability
  • Technical excellence
  • Innovative solutions
  • Rich experience
  • Invincible expertise
  • Customer support
  • Result orientation
  • Flexible approach