Elegant designs with a flavor of spectacular. Let Whizzee create you a design that dazzles and ignites your sales.

It’s all about “the feel”

It doesn’t matter if it’s your business card or sending a simple Email, branding your company is very important. Branding yourself as a professional is essential to any successful business.


Your story… in images

Sprinkle in some fancy design, with a sparkle of spectacular. We start with a clear understanding of what defines you. Your products/services, the way you treat your customer. You want your Print Designs to match your personality. You want a positive emotional connection with your audience. Being beautiful is precious, but being the genuine article with your customers is priceless.

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Print Design

Whizzee has many years of experience in print design and production and understands exactly what it takes to provide our clientele with remarkable print designs that not only look great but communicate the core message accurately and efficiently. Our previous projects have included a broad range of print design including but not limited to advertisements, brochures, tri-folds, flyers, package design, direct mail pieces, magazine layout, stationary, envelopes, catalogs, menus, billboard design, business cards, and newsletters. From logos to trade show booths and everything in between, Whizzee is well-versed in creating lasting impressions through smartly-crafted designs that help deliver your brand to the world. We know that different media require different approaches and we’ve got the know-how to translate small ideas into big solutions without missing a beat when it comes to creating brand consistency.

Want to test us? Alright then… let’s do it!


Print design process

So that you know what to expect, we’ve put together an outline path that a typical job takes from initial consultations to final delivery. Most new projects take around four to six weeks from starting design work, depending on their size and complexity.

Print Design Process

Stage 1: Information gathering

A new project starts with a briefing meeting with one of our designers. This usually takes place in our premises but we’re flexible. We will talk through the job, looking at what you want to achieve and when. This meeting often includes looking at design samples, paper, other materials and types of printing, and discussing text, photography, page counts, print runs and schedules. If any information is missing to enable us to cost the work we’ll let you know what we need.

Stage 2: Costing the project

Next we will give you an estimate that includes a job description or specification and, in more complex jobs, a summary of what was agreed at the briefing meeting. The estimate gives a breakdown of design and production costs. This usually takes three or four days. At this stage the client often comes back to discuss and modify the specification to fit a budget.

Stage 3: Gathering resources and scheduling

Resources are text, photos, illustrations etc. We are happy to commission these for you or work with what you supply. Sometimes it’s useful to start a design using sample headers, images and filler text before the real text and photographs are created. Whatever route we take, at this stage we will work out who needs to do what by when, so that we can achieve your deadline.

Stage 4: Design

Once we have enough resources, the designer will work on creative ideas and give you as mocked-up or digital visuals of part or all of the product. You will have time to consider the designs and come back to the designer with your thoughts and what changes might be required. It’s our job to meet your needs and we will keep going back to design ideas until you’re happy.

Stage 5: Proofing

With smaller jobs, like leaflets, the design stage includes a first proof. With larger projects, the approved design idea is applied to the whole publication before we supply a first proof. Usually two or three proofs are enough to make amendments and check detail. We budget for the client to make small changes to the text but if major alterations come to light at this stage, we will review the job costs and specifications. If extra work is required, it will be charged and rescheduled (if necessary) and agreed with you before we go ahead.

Stage 6: Production

Once a final proof is signed-off, the work goes to production with our contractor (usually a printing company). If the job is full-color, we will send you a printer’s proof to check colors. On final delivery, we check quality (e.g. color consistency and finishing) to make sure you are satisfied with the final product. We’ve worked with most of our print suppliers for many years and have a smooth workflow. We also have the clout to deal with any print quality problems on your behalf.

Stage 7: Archiving and re-use

We keep an archive of your work on our computer system so you can make changes and order reprints at a later date. You get copyright on the design we do for you (most other design companies don’t give you this). If you’d like the data files for your design work, just let us know and we’ll supply them to you as part of the job. (Please note: photography and illustration have their own separate copyright agreements.)

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