Enhance visibility of your website through strategic SEO techniques to ensure higher conversion rate.

Companies who leverage the power of search engine optimization realize the impact it has on their business – from increased leads, expansion into new markets or growth in customer base – but these results only happen when they partner with an SEO company experienced in creating comprehensive internet marketing plans designed to achieve this level of success.

With a proven track record of assisting companies in numerous industries with website SEO services, Whizzee has become a trusted name in the SEO services industry, contact workers’ compensation injury. We continuously evolve to meet the changing needs of our clients and work collaboratively with them to ensure website SEO strategy is appropriately aligned with their business goals.

Whizzee Search Engine Optimization Services include:

SEO Services

  • Site design and navigation enhancement
  • Strategic SEO research based on known search patterns
  • Conversion analysis and site edits for optimal results
  • Link popularity analysis and improvement
  • Coding optimization, compliance and validation
  • Metrics, tracking and advanced web analytics
  • Retainer programs for well maintained and progressive SEO
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign management

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Increase sales with a professional SEO solutions company on your team

SEO Solutions

At Whizzee, we understand that to implement an effective SEO strategy that improves search engine rankings, we must constantly stay on top of and ahead of changes in the industry and changes in technology. That means integrating the latest tools and understanding how the search engine algorithms and robots operate and change. This fuels our ability to design an SEO-driven website for our customers that yields results and visitors into customers.

Website Assesment


Our Process

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

The first step in the SEO process is understanding which keywords can bring in the most qualified traffic. Research starts with analyzing your current traffic and then expanding your keyword basket with the help of various tools.

If you are late to the SEO game and your industry is very competitive, “long tail” keyword strategies are an effective method to drive visitors to your site. Once we fully understand which keywords are appropriate, we start cleaning up your web pages.

On Page Clean Up

On Page Clean Up

Over 100 different variables are used to make sure that your web pages are coded properly and adhere to best practices in search engine optimization. Starting with the page title tag, we work down to the URL structure, meta information, main navigation, body copy, internal linking structure and more.

With search engine optimization, the only absolute control that you have in your rankings is to make sure that all the on page variables are up to standards. When you have your pages optimized, the next step is to start building links.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking

Websites internal linking structure can be one of the most over looked, yet most important aspect of optimizing your site. No matter if your site is new or old, a solid internal linking strategy is necessary to build a scalable, seo friendly foundation. By linking your most important pages within your site, you are showing the search engines that those pages are valuable.

Link Building

Link Building

We are very proud that we do our own link building and do not farm it over seas. Most agencies say that they build links; however, most sub it out to 3rd party vendors. Whizzee begins the link building stage with a link baiting strategy. Link bait is the process of making your site’s content so “catchy” that people voluntary link to it. After that, we go back to our keyword research findings and find out where your competitors get their links. After that, a blogging strategy is implemented to ensure that quality content is being produced to attract engaged visitors.

Local or International Search

Local or International Search

Depending on your business model, it may make more sense for you to rank for local terms. Local terms can also be less competitive and drive a higher return on investment. Local SEO success depends on specific coding attributes and linking strategies.

Websites that either have multiple languages or are targeted to specific nationalities need a well executed International or Multi-national SEO campaign.

Ethical SEO Practices

White Hate SEO

Most SEO companies feel that if their clients pages have the appropriate meta information, that it the page is optimized. This was the case in 2000! They fail to take into consideration the hundred other attributes (and counting) for a quality SEO campaign. We abide by ethical, white hat SEO practices. These include:

  • Clear expectations from the beginning of the campaign. We do not guarantee results nor will sell you unrealistic gains.
  • No search engine cloaking or trickery.
  • No link wheels, content spinning or poor man SEO techniques.


Are you ready to implement a website SEO solution?

Whether you’re looking to increase online conversions, direct traffic to your site, measure the effectiveness of your web campaigns, or incorporate new features-Industrial Traffic can help. We’ve been in the industry since its inception, and with our vast experience as a web design and SEO company, we can position your business to achieve a higher level of online success by offering SEO and web design services to address all your internet marketing needs. Services we offer include:

SEO Solution

  • Onsite Search Engine optimization
  • Quality web content and sales copy
  • Keyword research
  • Advanced analytics
  • Sitemap registrations
  • Event tracking
  • Submissions, directories and niche sites
  • Offsite Search Engine Optimization
  • Article marketing
  • Blogging
  • PPC management
  • Press release program
  • RSS feeds
  • Social network strategies

As an SEO friendly website design company, allow Whizzee to launch your website to a new level by creating SEO solutions that improve customer retention and bring qualified online visitors to your website.

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