Our solution’s features will help you build and maintain strong relationships with your customers in a highly professional manner. The solution provides many useful tools to make your email campaign as effective as possible.

Successful email campaigns start with an experienced firm

Email Marketing Services

Achieving effective email marketing requires striking a balance between delivering a clear message to your target audience while navigating the challenges of new technologies and adhering to evolving government regulations. With that in mind, effective email marketing that gets you results needs the tactical approach and expertise of an email marketing agency that understands the complexities involved in this type of online marketing initiative.

When you know better, you do better

At Whizzee, we work step-by-step to provide comprehensive email marketing services so your company doesn’t get blacklisted, damage its reputation with clients and prospects, or negatively affect your ROI. Many people are not aware of the state and federal laws affecting email marketing. Without compliance, companies may face potentially dire consequences.

The good news, however, is that having an experienced and knowledgeable email marketing service provider on your team you can avoid negative results and instead reap the many rewards that strong opt-in email newsletter services can provide.
10-point email marketing campaign is designed to provide results

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Why Whizzee:

  • Double opt-in permission based marketing: We use a two-stage opt-in process confirms a user’s address before information is entered into your database.
  • Manage sender reputation: we limit personal information to name and email address only and managing the frequency and relevancy of your emails helps to keep complaints to a minimum and the process organized.
  • Respect privacy: by defining your contact strategy, the format in which you will share content, and by providing the subscriber options on format and frequency provides them with opt in email marketing services that keep them satisfied.
  • Define your email value proposition: clearly defining the value of your email message provides to subscribers helps to maintain continued interest.
  • Segment lists for better results: dividing subscriber lists into relevant segments helps to deliver the right message to the right target audience, resulting in improved response and conversion rates.
  • Personalize for greater relevance: creating content to specifically address the subscribers buying behavior, history, location, etc. makes it personal and delivers a message to your subscriber that you care about their business.
  • Prepare for mobile devices and social media: developing an email message to be read on various PDAs and mobile devices increases its chances of being read; and leveraging a social media platform provides a greater reach to new audiences.
  • Create an integrated marketing plan: By integrating bulk email marketing services with other aspects of your marketing plan such as PPC, social media, traditional direct mail, and trade shows, you can significantly increase your ROI.
  • Deliver value and focus on goals: evaluating feedback from subscribers and following trends can help to deliver consistent value to your subscribers. Establishing metrics to evaluate whether each email campaign achieved its goals assists in measuring success and provides opportunity for improvements.
  • Web email analytics: determining which content is most viewed or downloaded helps our email marketing copywriter to provide relevant, useful copy. This can later be evaluated through our web analytic tools.


Professional Email Marketing Services

Allow the expertise of Whizzee email marketing company to help you foster strong customer relationships and achieve a high ROI by implementing a targeted, effective and valuable email marketing campaign.

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Email Marketing Process:

Email Marketing Process


Don’t have time or skill to design professional emails? Our design team creates custom emails based on your corporate style and optimized for maximum impact and email ready visibility. As a bonus, our cutting edge coding techniques ensure your emails are minimally affected by ISP and SPAM filtering.


List preparation, server uploading, scheduling, and list maintenance. Seems like a lot of know-how and time needed…But not with our fully automated system. All you need to do is hand us your list in any format and tell us when you need it delivered. We do all the rest.


Important to email marketing campains is the need to know how your email performs. We use powerful & friendly tracking and reporting tools before and after each delivery. Prior to delivery we run a thorough test to determine if or what part of the code or design needs adjustments to ensure it reads well and will comply with ISP’s and SPAM filters. After delivery together we review the various reports to see how the email actually performed in many categories. We can see how many were opened & bounced and by whom, who unsubscribed or reported abuses, what links they used, and much more. All this information is vital to ensuring your audience receives and reads your email.