Your website should enhance your business branding, give your customers a clear message, and keep your site looking fresh and simplistic.

Your website is normally the first thing people notice about your on-line presence. Content is great, but people visually analyze your company before they want to know about your company. Your website must utilize positive flowing colors that make your customers feel at peace. Images, colors, and the over all layout must share a deep connection.

Font is another important aspect of your website. It must be sized corrected in adjust with the correct colors. Formatting your text to fit the feel and flow of your website is just as important. Our design team can create great looking designs to match any business needs.

In today’s business and economic climates the importance of a web presence is paramount. But just having a website isn’t enough. To maximize your business and earning potential your business website design should be memorable, easy to navigate and user friendly. An effective website reflects the essence of your business by being as unique and special as your business is. All these important factors presented in a professionally designed state of the art website will help make your business live up to it’s success potential. That’s where Whizzee comes in.

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Interactive Website Design

A great looking website should portray our companies’ characteristics and uniqueness. We know you have a vision if what you want and we can help you achieve it. We have the knowledge and experience in creating interactive web designs. Your vision paired with our experience will be a dynamic force that will result in a breath taking website. This website will reflect the philosophy of your business.

    • Make sure your site possesses a striking presentation
    • Provide your website with dynamic functionality
    • Retrofit your site with an effective navigation

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Create A Professional Website

Your mom use to say “Never judge a book by its cover.” Let’s be honest… everyone judges a website by how it looks. Potential customers immediately either like or dislike your website. A visitor can tell within the first 5 seconds if your website is good or bad. Our team continuously researches and develops new ideas to make sure the newest designs are available to you. We maintain cutting edge technologies and professional designs that will match any of your needs.

    • Consultation with a website expert
    • Creation of an original, quality website that is optimized for search engines
    • Custom content management system changing and adding to your site

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Web Design Process

Web Design Process

No matter how big or small, we will make sure the job is done correctly. We discover, design, develop, and deploy a great looking website. The entire project is tired together in a responsive way. We deliver you a website that will bring music to your ears.





1. Kickoff & Project Charter

Kickoff and Project Charter

We want to know what kind of website you want. We will assign you one of our web design professionals so that you two can go over exactly what you want done.




2. Project Analysis

Project Analysis

We work with you to help determine what your requirements are from a technical, organizational, and creative perspective. We can analyze your content to understand everything there is to know about your business. Our design team will help guide you through any questions you may have.



3. IA & Content Strategy

IA Content Strategy

Using the information we gather from you, we can audit any existing website you have. If we feel a new web design is not warranted, we will tell you. If you need additional services that will boost your traffic, we will tell you.




4. Search Strategy

Search Strategy

We will create a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analysis that will help you understand what your core market is. We can identify popular keywords that your website should be optimized for.




5. Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction

All the information we will build for you will be compiled in easy to read documents. All Search, Content, & Creative Strategies will be easy to understand.






6. UX Sketches

UX Sketches

Whizzee prides itself in demo sketches. We will show you designs for your approval. We want you to see the progression of the website and not just show you a final design.




7. Page Tables

Page Tables

It is a big goal of ours to keep content from our design to final presentation. Along with wire frame presentation you will also receive a set of page tables for your content. These tables will help identify each content area prior to final showing.




8. Interaction Design

Interaction Design

Once you agree with our presentation we can help into the functionality of your website. Each and very step will be documented to visualize your content and features.




9. Visual Design

Visual Design

Once the structure of your website has been created we will introduce the elegance of color. We will then identify what font, colors, and rhythm will best match your companies feel. prototypes, or both.




10. Style-guide / Documentation

Style-guide / Documentation
Next, we’ll create a style-guide that will document the design system so that they can be properly implemented. All the details from the grid to hover/touch states to typography styles to content messaging will be detailed. This guide will demonstrate the design thinking and personality of the system. Depending on the complexity of the site, this could be created in an interface harmony canvas.




11. HTML or Theme Build

HTML or Theme Build

Once your websites’ foundation has been created it’s time for the guts. We will implement HTML / PHP / CSS / Javascript to the functionality of the website. We will test the entire system to assure it’s up to specific protocol.




12. CMS Build & Template Implementation

CMS Build & Template Implementation

We will then begin to implement the design to the CMS application. We can build your website on the Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress applications.




13. Cross-Browser/Device Testing

Cross-Browser Device Testing
Here’s where we test and demonstrate how page templates will render in major web browsers and mobile devices (i.e. iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc). It is important to understand that the design will be appropriate for each device, but may be slightly different due to device specs and experience. It’s not about making everything look the same, it’s about creating a coherent experience across all devices.




14. Content Migration

Content Migration
At whizzee we love to provide support and training for content authors during content migration. We believe in helping our clients create and maintain useful, usable content. Depending on your organization’s needs, and our audit of your current website, we’ll help you define the scope of the content migration phase. As we all know, a website without content is a black hole of sadness.


15. User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing
User Acceptance Testing (UAT) helps us confirm that your new site meets the objectives and requirements we defined early in the project. It’s like moving into a new house – you need time to discover how everything works and get comfortable with living there. You’ll need time to come to terms with how your content fits into the design and workflow, and make any adjustments and edits you need.


16. Documentation & Training

Documentation & Training
We will prepare text and video documentation on to help you understand and use your new CMS and site. We will generally provide a period of user acceptance testing following the official “handoff” of the website, to make absolutely sure that everything meets your needs. We’ll also provide additional support and training where necessary, and take care of any bug fixes to make sure that your website is ready for launch.


17. Launch Plan & Release

Launch Plan & Release
So close! Next up, our team will create a launch plan to archive the current website (if needed) and release the new website to the public, as well as a quality checklist to ensure that all project requirements are met. We’ll make sure that the new website is submitted to the appropriate search engines, and that web analytics are installed and configured. We’ll also work with our smarty-pants friend at the Status Bureau to make sure you understand how to access and act on web analytics reports.

18. Start of Operational Plan

Start of Operational Plan
A website is a living thing that continues to grow and change throughout its lifecycle. So in some ways, your work is never done (sorry), but achieving a milestone like this definitely deserves a party! Even though this is just the beginning of the real life of the website, it’s good to celebrate after all this hard work. Nice work team. Now back to work!


Website Design Costs

See our web design packages for more detail.

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Design Time Line – How long does it take?

With most designs, we are able to modify an existing design within a few hours. A custom designed website can take as long as 7 business days to complete. Custom website designs do not require any additional modifications as they are designed specifically with your website layout in mind.

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